Monday, 21 July 2014

How to set up a great succession planning strategy

Imagine being a parent (or if you already are just continue reading) struggling to pass on knowledge you've gained throughout your life to your kids. You want them to be at least as successful as you are with good prospects of exceeding your imprint on the surface of the world. How would you do that? Meet them in a cosy living room, show them numbers, charts, flip boards, presentations... and tell them to write down notes, otherwise they won't pass a test? I hardly think so. And what if they're not gifted enough and aren’t able to perform at a level of quality as you did. In fact, this issue of knowledge -passing and building a solid foundation for successful professional and personal growth - seems to have a lot of pitfalls right from the outset.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Predict the Employee Interest to Leave? (infographic)

Using Analytics and Metrics can help reduce voluntary turnover by identifying employees in critical roles who may be at high risk of leaving.

How would you predict the employee interest to leave? 

Do you agree with the infographic?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Workaholism – Choice or Compulsion?

While driving to work yesterday morning, I heard an ad on the radio for a programme scheduled forlater that night that caught my attention. It was about workaholism and its effects not only on the workaholic himself but also on his family and surroundings. Also discussed was how to actually realize that you have become a workaholic.

There have been countless psychological studies on workaholism which identify the signs that someone has become one – staying late at night at work, not having time to socialize with friends or spend with your family anymore, not having time for your own hobbies or simply not being able to walk without thinking about your work and things you will need to do tomorrow. Sometimes it is our choice – we get into our job so much that we forget that there is also another world. But sometimes we are in situations when we actually don't have a choice. And I am not sure if this is also what can be called workaholism.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Let's get LEAN, everybody!

The need for continuous improvement is desired in every tiny little part of our fast-growing society. There’s no doubt about that. Researching all kinds of stuff in all kinds of industries and looking for the latest developments, trends, hot topics and issues is part of my job and you would believe what are the most common words or phrases to be found: improvement, best practices in this and that, finding more sufficient ways of..., strengthening processes and many more of a similar nature. It's logical and it would be irrational to do the opposite. We all have to improve continuously to keep up with the world.

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