Tuesday, 17 June 2014

5 Basic Tactics for Improving Employer Brand

Last time, we published the infographic including 5 Common Reasons Why Companies Don't Have a Good Employer. This time, we have created the opposite - how to improve your employer brand. Following five tactics have been prepared by Anastasiya Vasylchenko and you can learn more about the author here.

5 Common Reasons Why Companies Don't Have a Good Employer Brand

Have you noticed your candidate pools shrinking? Are engagement levels among new hires critically low? By understanding your internal employer brand and the preferences of your talent target groups, you can powerfully present your true workplace. Check out an infographic by Petra Meyer. Learn what makes your brand powerful and what pulls it down.
See more at: http://human-resources.kakushinwebinars.com/employer-branding/5-common-reasons-why-companies-dont-have-good-employer-brands-infographic

Discover more on Employer Branding Webinar: The Right Tactics for Building Your Brand. - See more at: http://human-resources.kakushinwebinars.com/employer-branding

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