Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why Do you Need a Mobile Recruiting Strategy?

According to survey, 60% of job seekers are likely to use their mobile device to search for a job while 37% of them would use mobile device to apply for a job. In addition, up to 40% finds applying for jobs on mobile devices difficult or very difficult. It's been clear that employers are eager to embrace mobile-based recruitment strategies in order to make the best out of their talent acquisition plan. However, to roll out a successful and effective mobile recruitment initiative one needs proper technical configuration to be put in place.

Mobile web has rapidly evolved into a feature that is overwhelmingly overtaking desktop web and challenges recruitment more than ever. The innovations related to recruitment practices have been adopted (predominantly use of social media for active and passive talent acquisition) but on the other hand, the innovation connected to devices that job-seekers use on a daily basis, unfolds in much faster pace. And HR professionals often have hard time to keep up.

Mobile job search is a fashion, it is a way of life for 7 out of 10 people searching for a job. A smartphone is an essential part of our lifes, incorporated into personal as well as professional activities throughout the day. Therefore, to personalize the experience from engaging with a company, it's essential to ensure that the technology is prepared for a mobile savvy candidate. Looking at the percentage of adults actively using a smartphone, it represents a huge pool of talent that can be sought out. The numbers detailing the preparadness of companies for mobile-friendly online strategies reveals, however lack of comprehesion for such action.  

It's striking that only 13% of Fortune 500 companies have a mobile optimized career section and 97.8 % of them still don't posses a mobile optimized application process. Imagine clicking on a link that redirects candidate to a job offer within the career site (let's presume that it's adjusted for the mobile device) but after clicking on "apply" button to finish the application process, one has to upload a CV which is impossible from iPhone or some smartphones. If you want to go ahead in the race for the best talent, strategy which is not aligned with technological needs should stray your effort from desired track.

From many advantages that the use of mobile for recruiting offers, here is a list of a few:

  1. Enhanced communication opportunities

With mobile devices in pockets, candidates are onlinereachable at any time. That means employer can supply them with necessary information or vice versa, candidates are ready to respond to employer's inquiries when it's most convenient for them. Communication is key and the use of mobile devices that are widely accessible for lot of people enables candidates to search for job easier than ever.

  1. Driving candidate experience

According to a survey, 74% of users will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site. Seventy one percent expect web pages to load almost as quickly or faster as web pages on their desktop computers. Provided a job-seeker can easily access the site via mobil device, they can gain more positive impression of the organization/company which consequently results in a better experience. And it's the technology and preparadness that drives applicant's satisfaction.

  1. Employer-of-choice status

What's better than to be perceived as a cutting-edge, out-of-the-box acting and thinking company!? To supplement your recruitment strategy by mobile can provide company with an upper hand compared to other companies around. With tendency of growing mobile web traffic it's crucial to establish, maintain and continuously develop mobile web for recruitment purposes. By doing this a company has a chance to stay top of mind with an attractive candidate.

  1. It's all about location

When wearing your mobile device in our pocket, you are traceable. Well, it's kind of scary (and it's nothing new) but it's truth. The upshot is that technology as GPS can provide you with a unique opportunity to locate and target potential job-seekers directly in the area you need. Have a must-attent career workshop or an information tied with a specific location? With the location details of targteted candidates, company is ready to reach out for the vast pool of talents.

Should a company be prepared for a mobile recruiting? Definitely. It's not a choice, it's a must. If it's not considered, there is a potential to demage reputation, brand and above all, the whole recruitment strategy. Hear on the pace of HR Tech Innovation and stay abreast of talent acquisition strategies that can shape the future of your company.

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