Friday, 20 December 2013

THE 1 Move You Need to Make Towards Getting Thousands of Job Applications

Are you working in a company that is trying to hire new employees for various positions? Are you struggling with getting a sufficient number of job applications? Do you think big corporations are crushing your hiring efforts with benefits you can't match? Recently, I came across a very inspiring story of a small startup from Finland which managed to get the most job applications from a single job advert in Finnish history. But HOW, you might ask, was it done?

Well, it was quite simple: they created a job advert that was extremely funny, engaging, attention-grabbing and shareable. You can learn more from the company's CEO, Mr. Juha Vaisanen (Fantastec, Finland) in the video below:

So what specifically do you have to do to create huge buzz with your job advert?

  • Be different from the mass of job adverts
  • Have the courage to be different
  • Select the right tone for specific target audiences (if your target, for example, is fresh graduates, you can usually go as crazy as you want)
  • Never stop trying new things – not every “different” idea works; usually you have to go through a lengthy process of trial and error to find the ultimate solution
  • Be sure that the job advert will be easy to share
  • Once there is some small buzz, you will have to accept every possibility to multiply the buzz, so accept every interview request and every possibility to appear at events, parties, conferences or webinars 

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