Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to Use Social Media to Motivate Your Employees Infographic

Have you heard that Social Media is good only for killing time of your employees? Think again as 46% of organizations doesn't think so. Our speaker at Multi-generational Workforce Management Martina Mangelsdorf understands well what Social Media mean for the Generation Y:

"Gen Yers value affiliation and community. Contrary to popular belief, they do have a strong sense of loyalty, except that it’s not towards employers or institutions but towards a select group of people representing their self-chosen tribe. Collaborating with members of their (virtual) community is an expression of trust and appreciation for one another and social media merely is a tool to facilitate this cooperation. It’s simply part of Gen Y’s communication habits which they naturally aim to extend into the workplace." Read her blog post 

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Read more about the Case Studies on use of internal social media or read some more on how to create your Social Media Policy.

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