Monday, 25 November 2013

4 Great Examples of Using Social Media to Enhance Employee Motivation and Engagement.

Has your level of satisfaction and motivation ever been bolstered from receiving a company award? That's how recognition works, especially public recognition like that on social media. Likes, tweets, shares, badges, prizes, social recognition ….
A recent study by Towers Watson shows that 56% of employers use social media (blogs, social networks, instant messaging and streaming audio/video) as part of their overall internal communication strategy, but only 4 out of 10 rated social media as effective for this purpose. Let's quickly check a few great examples and get inspired: 


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Social Media Tip 1: Really poor employee engagement?

Telus: About six years ago, Telus Corp. was having troubles with employee engagement. An internal survey revealed that only 53% of its employees were engaged. The management team realised that there was no way to continue without making some changes. So what has happened to increase the motivation level of the employees?
Besides establishing new rules for home office, Telus started a peer-to-peer “game-style” recognition program where its employees reward each other for jobs well done. Employees award each other with points that can later be exchanged for things like spa visits or hotel stays. Telus went far beyond just a recognition program. They set up regular informal video conference meetings with executives, created a virtual office building that can be explored and many more solutions that are worth consideration. Learn more

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Social Media Tip 2.: Turnover drop down?

Tupperware Nordic A/S: Between 2008 and 2011, the turnover rate of Tupperware’s predominately part-time salespeople fell by 15%, which was the right signal for the company to take measures and change the situation. Tupperware applied an inexpensive social media strategy, using a platform for producing “moments of pride” with a Tupperware radio show. Sales consultants from all over Northern Europe connect through WebTV and post their live comments on a Facebook-type “wall” seen by all participants. The managing director of Tupperware, in the host's role, gives every sales team the chance to present their achievements and thanks them for their results in front of peers. Learn more

Social Media Tip 3: Stop reinventing the wheel!

Shopify: Have you heard about crowdsourcing a company's benefits? The CEO of Shopify had to challenge two common situations that arise in many organisations: having two or three people working on the same or similar tasks/ideas simultaneously, without sharing their successes or discoveries with peers, and employees giving double the effort and being generally disappointment with not being rewarded for their work and innovative ideas. Tobi L├╝tke, Shopify CEO, decided to remedy these situations.
It all started with an idea of a Twitter-inspired platform called UNICORN, which is used by employees to share information on the interesting things  they’re doing and uses the idea of benefits crowdsourcing. How does it work? The top management take a portion of company profits and distribute the money between all the employees on a monthly basis. Everyone in the company has the right to give their share of the cash bonus to a colleague  with great ideas, exceptional performance, etc. in the form of 'unicorns'. In this way compensation is determined by peers, not by the management team, and employees are happy and keep posting their ideas. Learn more

Social Media Tip 4: Nothing more to do towards boosting the motivation level?

SAP: Do you think your company has perfectly engaged employees, turnover is not an issue and there is nothing to improve? Get socially responsible with easy social media ideas like those of SAP.
Professional communities represent a growing area with the potential for boosting employee motivation. SAP provides users with points/rewards for blogging, answering questions on forums, contributing to wiki pages or submitting white papers. The points are aggregated across different areas and a lifetime leaderboard is visible to everyone. In this way employees are able to build and compete on their social status; as the number of points grows employees are also able to donate them to charity. Learn more

Social media, gamification and recognition programmes are most probably not among the cheapest and easiest ways to keep your employees motivated, but they are worth considering. If you think that these solutions are not the right choice for you, but still feel that motivation levels in your company are not in line with your wishes, join us at our upcoming event and unlock the secrets of motivation.


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