Monday, 30 September 2013

You Probably Won't Get Fired for Not Doing it! Interview with HR Gamification Expert

James Cullens
Group Human
Resources Director
70% of Fortune 500 companies will deploy gamification by the end of 2014 with overall spending reaching $2.8 billion by 2016! Hays won the Innovation in Recruitment award for their use of gamification. Do you want to learn a bit more about the “secret” methods of the  most successful? If so, be sure to catch our interview with James Cullens, Group HR director at Hays, and discover his own effective way of bringing half a million visitors to the Group's careers website. How? … Undoubtedly with gamification!!

Mr. Cullens, what are the current trends in HR gamification?

People seem to be going down one of three routes – either using gamification for attraction / job preview purposes (as we did in Hays); as a recruitment tool; or as a learning and development tool. All three areas lend themselves really well to gamification.

What are the main benefits of gamification in HR (e.g., recruitment) compared to more traditional techniques?:

I think it is more interesting than a traditional visit to the company website – we got a much higher level of engagement from participants. It is better than a presentation or webcast – in part that may be because it wasn't an assessment.

Can you use gamification as a tool for redesign of HR processes?

I think it lends itself to learning / training / attraction and recruitment processes – not sure where else it would be used / whether you would get an investment return.

Do you think you can gain competitive advantage and increase process efficiency through HR gamification?

Yes – either in recruitment or training.  

Is it possible to increase employee engagement and retention rate using principles of gaming?

In part it will definitely help, but gamification alone doesn't do it – we supplemented our game with a professional qualification in recruitment plus other features in the employee value proposition.

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What are the main barriers to game adoption? (cost, value, results)

Probably all of these plus for many people it is uncharted territory – if you haven't done it, it is a big step to take unless you know it will work / deliver a return. You probably won't get fired for not doing it!

Can you measure the impact of HR gamification on business performance? How do you measure the return on investment?

Yes – it is possible to do this. We look at what we save on recruitment improving and retention improving – there  are other ways such as performance post gamifaction of training.

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