Monday, 16 September 2013

5 Tips to Be An Attractive Employer for Generation 2020

Today, I found these 5 great tips in my folders and it would be sin not to share it with you! They are from the presentation "Generation 2020: a big challenge for HR" by our speaker Tatiana Coviello (HR Director, W├╝rth, Italy) which she presented at the beginning of this year. As a member of the young generation, I can tell you that these tips are really what we are looking for and they will be even more important in the future.

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Tatiana Coviello

Here are the tips by Tatiana Coviello

1. Think about different contract solutions: Generation 2020 will evaluate freedom and flexibility as a highly significant benefit.

2. Build a strong relationship with the marketing department: build a reputation as being socially responsible using social media.

3. Opening up a level of transparency about decisions is essential.

4. Build Leadership in the direction of learning agility and decision making, as these are the most important competencies you should be looking for.

5. CEOs and HR should be joined at the hip (hear more at the presentation).

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What is your best tip to catch up with the generation 2020?

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