Thursday, 29 August 2013

Viral Post That Doesn't Make You Laugh: What Can Be in Social Media Policy?

I remember one of my good friends from a well-known company sharing a “funny” post on Facebook. It showed the company in bad light, even mentioning really low results, KPI's, motivation... The post probably hit the nail on the head, within a few days this one post on his personal profile gained more than 300 likes from employees and even from suppliers and customers who also started sharing it.

A nightmare huh? But something like this can happen in your company at any time. Let's take a look at how this can be avoided. A speech by Wim Boiten (Global Director of HR at AB Enzymes) who touched on this topic at our HR Webinar Series by Kakushin might again help us with this.

Let's take a look what steps can be taken to diminish such unwanted behaviour on social media from HR's point of view. For the start, let's take a broader view of the topic of Social Media policy.


When to use social media policy?

The first time management thinks of social media it is usually as a control issue and regarding restricting the use of some social networks. According to Mr. Berget, that isn't the best way to approach a social media policy. Let's take a look at the factors that can help you decide upon your own policy:
  • Business relevance – Is social media in anyway relevant to your business?
  • Business usage – Are people in your organisation using social media a lot?
  • Scale of company – How big is your company?
  • Current issues – The question of weather you have a control issues is usually the least important and possibly the worst reason to start adopt a social media policy


What can be in a social media policy?



Do you want to be in control mode, or do you want to stimulate?

You should understand from the beginning if you want to be in control mode, or to stimulate your employees to use social media. You can also think of a combination of both approaches.

I hope that these guidelines to social media policy help you with your decisions. If you want to the hear the full presentation of Mr. Berget, take a look at the HR Webinar Series by Kakushin and also discover many more online presentations by various HR heads from CERN, Deutsche Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim etc.

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