Thursday, 29 August 2013

HR Mobile Apps: The Most Innovative Use of Technology for Paperless Onboarding

Get inspired by the strategy recognised as the most innovative use of technology winning the HR Excellence Award. An onboarding application like this can reduce costs, improve efficiency and decrease administration through the use of a new suite of technology products.

The new app, for iPhone and iPad ‘New@db’ has changed the way Deutsche Bank pursues employmees. Paperless onboarding has improved the experience for candidates whilst decreasing administration cost by 85% per pack and has helped new starters familiarise themselves with the bank before joining. The application engages users to ease the joining process, provides up-to-date and relevant news and information about Deutsche Bank, familiarizes new employees in Deutsche Bank's culture and improves retention through the innovative use of technology.

What about implementing a similar HR mobile application in your company to create an exceptional candidate experience from the initial offer through to the first day of employment?

Join our webinar Apps & Mobile Devices for HR from the HR Webinar Series and hear Robert Jeffers (Managing Director and Head of HR Solutions International at Deutsche Bank, UK) speaking about their winning HR mobile application.


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