Thursday, 29 August 2013

Are you measuring employee engagement? How often? And the most important question; what are you doing with the results?

Alarmingly, 70% of employees are not committed to delivering their best performance, according to the Gallup institute. Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy more than $450 billion per year. The effect of employee engagement on business results is enormous – higher productivity, income, less absence hours... This is why we are opening an expert discussion on employee engagement at the Analyzing the Effects of Employee Engagement on  Business Results Webinar.

Sandra Vandorpe (Belgacom, Belgium) finds that: "Running an employee survey is easy, as is receiving and reviewing the results. But then the real work starts, sharing results and taking action. And that doesn‘t seem very successful in many companies." How is action planning and implementation done in your company?

How often should data on employee engagement be collected and measured? According to our speaker, Victoria Ward (Fujitsu, UK) it shouldn't be too often – "no more than once a year, and surveys on other matters should also be kept to a minimum if high response rates are to be maintained. The higher the response rate the more reliable the responses – to a point."

Cees Van der Vlugt (SHARP Electronics UK Ltd) understands that “A significant number of organisations think that they communicate strategy to their employees and new hires, but have hardly any systems in place to ensure that every employee and new hire in the company understands what is being expected of them in order to achieve the promised results.”  How do you communicate the strategy?

You can hear much more and discuss online at the Analyzing the Effects of Employee Engagement on Business Results webinar. This unique event focuses on the results of employee engagement with 2 case studies and 4 expert speakers, Sandra Vandorpe (Belgacom, Belgium), Cees Van der Vlugt (SHARP Electronics UK Ltd), Katharina Auer (Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland). Download the PDF AGENDA of the event.


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