Thursday, 29 August 2013

A CEO Who Still Questions Measuring ROI of Employee Engagement, Is Simply ‘Not on The Right Place’. Interview with Sandra Vandorpe

This time we interviewed Sandra Vandorpe from Belgacon, Belgium. Sandra holds the position of VP Engagement & Operational Efficiency within Belgacom Group HR department. In this role, her major ambitions are to strengthen further the employee engagement to the company and to strategic objectives and as such contribute highly to Belgacom‘s business success. With 9 years in financial audit and more than 10 year in HR she is the right person to present the Case Study "From employee survey results to action (& the role of different stakeholders)".

Do you think that managers and employees understand the meaning of employee engagement? Do you think managers understand the difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction?


- I think most of the definitions are along the same trend: engaged employees are employees who go ‘the extra mile’ for their company and companies with more engaged employees are performing better.
However, most of the employees, managers and unfortunately also too many HR professionals still confuse satisfaction with engagement. Or at least they don’t know sufficiently the drivers and outcomes of both. And these drivers are different!

Does employee engagement influence bottom line? Can you measure financial value of employee engagement?


- In my opinion, certainly! But, engagement/having an engaged workforce is not enough to guarantee better performance!
Making reference a.o. to a recent newsletter of James Adonis, “Being engaged is merely a prerequisite (rather than a precursor) of performance.” Besides engagement, creating an ‘enabling work environment’ should also be high on management’s agenda.

How often should the data on employee engagement be collected and measured? How can be proved the reliability of responses? How can a manager target the engagement improvement efforts to key individuals, when survey is anonymous?


- Although some people might find measuring once per year too much to work sufficiently on the actions in between surveys, I have experienced that regular measurement of and communication about engagement, helps to get managers act and employees to see all the engaging actions and investments their company does.

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